Turkey's global brand Bizce Yağ is in Dubai Gulfood

Booth of Bizce Yağ who participated in Gulfood 2021, the world’s largest food fair held in Dubai became a frequent destination for industry members from many countries on the first day of the fair. Stating that they are hopeful about the fair that will continue between 21-25 February 2021, Celal Kadooğlu, CEO Kadooğlu Yağ, added that the attention they received on the first day of the fair is of great importance for the upcoming period. 

Dubai Gulfood 2021, which giants of the food sector are eagerly waiting for every year and attended by all countries of the world, opened its doors. 

Kadooğlu Yağ, the leading company of the vegetable oil sector from Turkey, attracted great attention in the international market and the launch of the new sunflower brand Kadoo, as well as the brands Bizce, Brinto, Mayra and Azime, were also held at the fair. Celal Kadooğlu, who also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadooğlu Holding, stated that as the holding, they continue to work without slowing down in order to provide more added value to the country’s economy and to be among the active actors of the world markets. Participating in the Gulfood 2021 Food Fair and bringing its products to world markets, Kadooğlu Yağ booth has become a frequent destination for visitors. Celal Kadooğlu, CEO of Kadooğlu Yağ, stated that they concentrate on R&D, innovation, and design in their sectors and that they closely follow the developments in the world oil sector as an institution open to continuous improvement, and, they faced the difficulties faced by many sectors due to the pandemic in 2020 but continued production and export with the right steps and decisions. Kadooğlu also stated in his assessment that international fairs make great contributions to production and export and said, “Our brand and new products attract great attention in the domestic market of Turkey. To increase our market share in international trade, we care about big fairs, and we successfully represent our country and promote our products every year. We took our place at the fair this year as well, and although it is the first day of the fair, we attract great attention. We will present our new sunflower brand whose R&D and innovation is done this year, Kadoo, to the world markets. At the fair, the Kadoo brand attracted more attention than we thought.

In his assessment, Kadooğlu said, “Gulfood, which is held every year in Dubai, is of great importance for the food industry. As Kadooğlu Yağ, we export to more than 60 countries. In addition to Bizce Yağ, we had the opportunity to introduce our new brand Kadoo with our brands Brinto, Mayra, Azime, each of which became important brands within our organization. Getting your feedback face to face is an amazing experience. This year, we had the opportunity to meet with our customers from the Middle East and African countries about both our products and our industry, and we took steps to important collaborations.’’

Our investments will continue in 2021

Celal Kadooğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadooğlu Holding, also added that they started negotiations with new contacts, as well as developing their relations with the participants of the fair from many countries of the world. Kadooğlu also stated that 2020 was a successful year for them despite the pandemic, they had a good start in 2021 and that the investment thrust that started in 2020 will continue in 2021 and said “We will continue to increase our domestic and international market share in 2021. We all need to be open to technology, follow the development of our sector and work with all our strength to take on more effective roles in world markets for Turkey to grow and develop day by day. While contributing to the national economy, Kadooğlu Holding and all its companies continue to do their part in sustainable export and development with all its employees, stakeholders, and business partners and will continue to do so in the next period.”