“Mutfakların Şefi (Chef Of Cuisines)” Deemed Worthy of International Taste Award

Moving ahead with firm steps in becoming a global brand and adopted in more than 55 countries as the indispensable taste of dining tables, Kadooğlu Oil is insatiable for awards. Recently, Mutfakların Şefi (Chef of Cuisines) as a brand of Kadooğlu Oil is deemed by world renowned chefs as being worthy of the international Superior Taste Award contest. 

Kadooğlu Oil under the organization of Kadooğlu Holding providing substantial contributions to the nation’s economy through its exports further to its investments, production and employment generated, is ever increasing its impact on international markets. Likewise, products under Kadoğlu Oil are greatly appreciated by international institutions and continued to be awarded with prizes. “Mutfakların Şefi (Chef of Cuisines)” deserving to receive SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD logo granted by world renowned chefs has thus provided particular contribution to the recognition of our country’s products in the international arena and enhancing its brand value.


Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu making an assessment regarding the subject matter, said “Our brands being awarded by international institutions is of great essence not only for us but for our country as well. Our brand “Mutfakların Şefi (Chef of Cuisines)” as the primary choice of restaurant chefs rating best in their fields deserved being entitled to include SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD next to its name. Our Company shall henceforth be stepping firmly ahead in becoming leader of the sector without making any concessions from its taste and quality. This is a pride for us all.




Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu, expressing that SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD logo deemed worthy for “Mutfakların Şefi (Chef of Cuisines)” brand, is given after processes conducted with utmost diligence, further added “Under tasting tests organized in Brussels for nearly 15 years, products sent from all over the world for being tasted are being assessed and evaluated by a jury of 200 comprising of individuals from 16 culinary arts and beverages associations in Europe. In these tasting tests, products are assessed by the jury without informed about the brands and origins of the same by means of blind tests, under 5 international tasting criteria (taste, first impression, smell, tissue, appearance) and several other sub-criteria. Those products deserving a score in excess of 70 from such assessments, are entitled to receive a globally recognized taste certificate as well as a taste award that could be used on the product as well.  While shopping in supermarkets or over the Internet, consumers encounter thousands of products of varying qualities. Those products possessing an independent and recognized certificate like SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD, take a leading position compared to their competitors, are preferred more and their sales are enhanced. It is indeed of great essence for our country as well that our brands under Kadooğlu Oil are entitled to receive such a certificate of international validity and being awarded to that effect.”