Kadooğlu Yağ Raises in Big Leagues

Kadooğlu Yağ took part in the “Top 500 Companies of Anatolia” research prepared with 2019 data by The Economist magazine and Turkish Economy Bank (TEB). Operating within the body of Kadooğlu Holding, Kadooğlu Yağ continues to increase its employment and exports by continuing its investments by increasing its capacity every year.

The results of the “Top 500 Companies in Anatolia” research conducted by the Economist Magazine every year and which the business world awaits with curiosity have announced. Kadooğlu Yağ, which took 139th place by rising 15 rows at once compared to the previous year, ranked 1st in oil producers and 40th in the food sector. Kadooğlu Yağ CEO Celal Kadooğlu stated that Kadooğlu Yağ Sanayi, which has become the preferred brand of domestic and foreign markets and increases its market share in the oil sector day by day, will create significant added value to the country’s economy with new investments to be made in the upcoming period said: “Kadooğlu Yağ, one of our companies operating under Kadooğlu Holding, has taken its place among the 500 largest companies in Anatolia as a result of the evaluations made by the Economist Magazine. Our investments will continue for the development of our brands and to create added value for the national economy. Our share in domestic and foreign markets is increasing day by day, and our search for new markets continues by preserving our place in existing markets. For a strong and big Turkish Economy like every big company, we continue to do our part. We work with all our employees and business partners so that our companies turn to high value-added products and contribute to employment by carrying out more production and exports. Our goal is to strengthen our position among global brands. For this, our priority is to increase the number of countries we export to by continuing our R&D and innovation-based studies. Every year, we increase our production capacity in parallel with our investments, as of today we have a daily production capacity of 600 tons of vegetable oil. Our main goal in the domestic market is to contribute to the national economy by increasing the domestic market share of Bizce, Turkey’s most sought-after brands in the vegetable oil sector, every year.”

We Will Succeed Together

Celal Kadooğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Management of Kadooğlu Holding, made general evaluations about the year 2020 by stating that the pandemic like the whole world was also effectual in Turkey, people might be a crucial part in solving the problem by following the rules and said: ”

“We are going through a difficult process in our country like the whole world. We all must fulfill our common responsibilities to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. Together we will succeed by following the rules. Of course, the epidemic directly affects people, and this interaction continues to negatively affect the economy. However, we develop and maintain our position in our sectors, both in domestic and world markets. Despite all the difficulties, we strive to increase our investment, production, employment and exports. In 2021 I believe that this period will end and, life will return to normal. It is crucial for all of us to obey the rules, to come together and to give up our social life to overcome this period together”.