Kadooğlu Oil- Star of Export

While Kadooğlu Oil maintaining its leadership in the sector has been awarded by several entities and organizations in the course of year 2022, remaining limited number of days to the end of 2022, it was awarded with Export Star Prize in the Export Stars Prize Ceremony organized by GAİB.

Export Stars Prize Ceremony organized by South-Eastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association (GAİB) was held at GAİB servive building. In the prize ceremony very intensely attended, while top exporters were awarded, Kadooğlu Oil was once again deemed worthy of receiving the Star of Export prize. In such ceremony attended by Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Osman Toprak, Gaziantep Deputies/Members of the Parliament, chamber and bourse chairpersons and NGO representatives as well as several industrialists and businesspersons, Kadooğlu Oil Assistant General Manager Azime Kadooğlu Akbulut received her prize from Ak Party Parliament Member Nejat Koçer. Expressing that the prize so received is not a coincidence, Kadooğlu Oil Assistant General Manager Azime Kadooğlu Akbulut attracted attention to the fact that the result is attained through zealous and determined efforts of a harmonious team.

Kadooğlu Oil Is In The Cuisines of More Than 55 Countries

Kadooğlu Oil Assistant General Manager Azime Kadooğlu Akbulut, pointing out that Kadooğlu Oil brands are being used currently in the kitchens of more than 55 countries, further added “As Kadooğlu Oil, empowered by our strong and dynamic team, we are exporting to more than 55 countries our sunflower, corn, cotton oils and margarines manufactured diligently from one day to the next, under our Kadoo, Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, Azime and Elianto brands. Our Company is at the same time providing its services overall Turkey through 5 regional directorates and widespread distribution network. By means of the investments we made in our facilities, we are incessantly enhancing our competitive edge. In 2021, we commissioned our new refinery premises and increased our refining capacity to 900 tons/day. Whereas our filling capacity reached 1.550 tons/day”.