Kadooğlu Oil Brands Are On Middle Eastern and Arfican Meal Tables

“Kadooğlu Oil Has Already Achieved Its Targets For Year 2022 and Shall Be Surpassing Them Till Year-End”

Characterized with its feature of being permanent participant of international tradeshows realized at different continents worldwide, Kadooğlu Oil this time promoted its products at Dubai ISM Middle East 2022 Food Products Tradeshow for buyers from Africa and the Middle East. Expressing its satisfaction from the Tradeshow, Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu said “We are having the occasion of promoting our country as well as our products in such Sector-Based Tradeshows”.

As one of the most important tradeshows addressing Middle Eastern and African markets, at Dubai ISM Middle East 2022 Food Products Tradeshow, while Kadooğlu Oil Stand was the primary focus of the participants, purchasing committees coming particularly from African countries were closely interested with Kadooğlu Oil brands.

Stating further that international sector-based tradeshows are of great essence in brand generation, Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu said “As amongst the most important sectors in year 2022 regarding our sector and exhibited particular interest by both African as well as Middle Eastern countries, Dubai ISM Middle East 2022 Food Products Tradeshow is indeed of great essence for us. In this tradeshow we take part in every year, this year we experienced further interest and enthusiasm. It is prideful for us that our products have already completed their branding process in Middle East and Africa markets. While Kadooğlu Oil’s global brands like Kadoo, Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, Azime and Mutfakların Şefi (Chef of Cuisines) in industrial consumption were of great interest in the Tradeshow, we also had the opportunity of witnessing closely such new products of our competitors in the sector tried to be launched to the market. Surely, the feedback from especially African and Middle Eastern countries in this tradeshow shall be favorable for our part. We believe that till the end of the year, we shall be extending beyond our targeted corporate turnover. The success we shall be achieving is of substantial importance for the economy of our nation, development of investments as well as for employment”.