Kadooğlu Edible Oil, A Flavor Offered From Gaziantep To World Cuisine

All eyes were on the products displayed at the Kadooğlu Edible Oil stand at World Food İstanbul 2023, which opened its doors in İstanbul as the meeting place of the world food industries and attracted hundreds of thousands of people. With its many goods and brands, Kadooğlu Edible Oil, which brought together the indispensable flavors of over 60 nations’ cuisines with its consumers, became the focus of attention of customers. The innovative goods of the Kadoo, Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, Azime, Elianto, and Mutfakların Şefi brands displayed at the stand are among the most popular for consumers.

Celal Kadooğlu, CEO of Kadooğlu Edible Oil, stated that International Fairs are very important for the promotion of food brands and that Kadooğlu Edible Oil products and brands drew a lot of attention at World Food İstanbul 2023, where the world food industry came together and that it was a great source of happiness for them to be among the flavors offered by Türkiye to the world cuisines.


Celal Kadooğlu, CEO of Kadooğlu Edible Oil, added that they are very pleased with the fair’s interest in the innovative products as well as various products and brands produced within Kadoolu Edible Oil, which is one of the most important elements of the food sector and has become the pride of Türkiye in international markets, expressed their gratitude for the high added value they provide to the national economy and said “We have become a sought-after brand in both domestic and international markets, and we are proud of our contribution to the national economy with the employment we create as well as the exports we do. We believe we will exceed our goals by 2023.”


Pointing out that Kadooğlu Edible Oil brands are used in the cuisines of more than 60 countries, Mr. Celal Kadooğlu, CEO of Kadooğlu Edible Oil, said “As Kadooğlu Edible Oil, we export our sunflower, corn, cottonseed, and margarine oils, which we produce with the same care every day with our strong and dynamic crew, to more than 60 countries under the Kadoo, Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, and Azime brands. Our company also offers services to all four corners of Türkiye in the domestic market, with 7 regional directorates and a large distributorship network. Every year, we strengthen our competitiveness through investments.”


On the other hand, Celal Kadooğlu, President of the Southeast Anatolian Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association, who participated alongside other presidents in the panel on Food Sector at the Heart of Exports and 2024 Road Map held at the International Food Products and Technologies Fair – WorldFood İstanbul, said “In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Southeast Anatolian Exporters’ Association established a crisis desk. We built tent cities throughout our region. We also assisted employees who required psychological assistance. The aid trucks brought us a lot of help. We ensured that whatever was required was delivered to the right place at the right time. We kept track of each employee’s situation. We analyzed our region’s production sustainability. We checked all of our plants and were able to resume production promptly. There is power in solidarity, which we can see today on the WorldFood platform.”

Press Release: https://bit.ly/world-food-istanbul-2023