In 2022, Kadooğlu Oil Shall Be Generating Its Own Energy

Kadooğlu Oil is concluding year 2021 with a major local and renewable energy investment. By means of such solar panels completed to be installed on 19.000 square meters of roof area on top of its manufacturing premises in Gaziantep, it shall be able to generate energy in the annual quantity of 4.5 million kWh.


Kadooğlu Oil, operating under Kadooğlu Holding and pacing strongly ahead in becoming one of Turkey’s leading oil brands in the global markets, is realizing its production operations over an area of 50.000 square meters located at Gaziantep OSB (Organized Industrial Zone). By means of the commissioned giant solar energy investment amounting to 1.5 million Dollars, roof the factory within the said premises have been covered with solar panels. It is targeted to be generated 4.5 million kWh of electric energy annually by means of this plant possessing an installed power of 3 MW.

Solar Power Plant (GES) Is Of Particular Essence For Maintaining Natural Balance 

  Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu, making an evaluation about the subject matter, while referring to the essence of the investment they have realized, further stated that they adopted the concept of sustainable production, targeting to become a company respectful to the environment. Celal Kadıoğlu stated in his evaluation that “Kadooğlu Oil roof-top solar power plant has been a project on our agenda for quite a long time. By means of such power plant investment with capacity for meeting 36% of our annual energy consumption; we possessed the capability of realizing our production by domestic, renewable and nature-friendly energy sources. Thereby, while reducing our carbon footprint in parallel to global sustainability requirements, we are at the same time adding a new ring to our nature respectful corporate liability projects.”